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IMM – Brands and Media Institute

Guenter Kaefer

The unique position and currency of your brand

m/e is an expert partner of the Berlin-based IMM Brands and Media Institute, led by Professor Dr. Carsten Busch (Head of Sci­ence). The Düsseldorf represen­tation of the IMM is located in our agency.

Together with Guenter Kaefer, Director Brand Strategy and Brand Communica­tion at the IMM, scientific knowledge is transferred into best practices.

The Brand Genome Process, a joint development of Prof. Carsten Busch and Guenter Kaefer, develops strategic brand definitions. This is the basis for brand approach and positioning – and consequently its USP.


IMM Duesseldorf

IMM – Brands and Media Institute, Berlin
Representation Duesseldorf
Airport City
Peter-Mueller-Strasse 14 
40468 Duesseldorf

Brand Genome Process
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